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The difference between hydraulic pipe and rolled pipe


What is the difference between a hydraulic tube and a rolled tube?

In fact, both are the same thing, but they are called differently. Rolling refers to a process, while hydraulic pressure refers to a purpose. In fact, these two words are not comparable. To tell the difference, the hydraulic tube may be a cold drawn tube, a honing tube, a rolled tube, a hydraulic cylinder, and a rolled tube can only be a rolled tube.

Compared with ordinary pipe fittings, the main difference between hydraulic pipe fittings is the pressure bearing
capacity. Because hydraulic pipe fittings are used in hydraulic equipment, the hydraulic pressure is very amazing, and the
impact force of the sudden burst oil of the hydraulic oil pipe is very large. This impact force is Ordinary pipe fittings cannot
be replaced. Ordinary pipe fittings can usually only withstand a pressure of 0.5 air pressure at most, while hydraulic pipe
fittings have to withstand much higher pressure.

Due to the different pressure-bearing capacity, there are certain differences between hydraulic pipe fittings and ordinary pipe fittings in the field of use. Common keys cannot be used in hydraulic equipment. In addition to hydraulic equipment, hydraulic pipe fittings can also be used in ordinary pipelines