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Seamless steel pipe

L245N Seamless Steel Pipe Manufacturer

Type:Seamless Steel Pipe

Processing Service:Welding,Punching,Cutting

Alloy Or Not:Alloy



Section Shape:Round

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Mechanical properties and chemical composition of L245
Mechanical properties: Yield strength: 245 MPa Tensile strength: 415 MPa Elongation: 21 min; Chemical composition: C: 0.26 Mn: 1.15 S: not more than 0.030 P: not more than 0.030.

L245 is a low-pressure fluid coiled tube, its performance is similar to 20# seamless tube, the mechanical properties and chemical composition of L245. A steel pipe made of a single piece of metal without seams on the surface is called a seamless steel pipe. According to the production method, seamless pipes are divided into hot-rolled pipes, cold-rolled pipes, cold-drawn pipes, extruded pipes, and pipe jacking. According to the shape of the section, the seamless steel pipe is divided into two types: round and special-shaped. Special-shaped tubes have various complex shapes such as square, oval, triangle, hexagon, melon seed, star, and finned tubes. The maximum diameter is 650mm and the minimum diameter is 0.3mm. Depending on the application, there are thick-walled and thin-walled tubes.

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Carbon Steel/ Alloy Steel

Section Shape



10#(St37.4,St35,St37,E235),20#(St45,St44,E255),45#(Ck45),16Mn(St52) and other special 





Cold rolled & Cold drawn


Widely used in automobiles, motorcycles, gas springs, hydraulic machinery, 

construction machinery and refrigeration industry.    

1. L245N belongs to pipeline steel, and it produces wide and thick steel plates with a thickness of 6mm~40mm for straight seam welded pipes for oil and natural gas transportation and other straight seam welded pipes for fluid transportation .

2. Delivery status of L245 N pipeline steel: normalized delivery status.

3. L245N pipeline steel flaw detection level: 'first detection, second detection, third detection'

Fourth, the thickness of L245N pipeline steel can be made: Z15 , Z25 , Z35;

5. The density of L245N pipeline steel plate is 7.85/m .

6. Chemical composition of L245 N

L245N C:≤0.16 ;

L245 N Mn:1.15 ;

L245N S :≤0.030 ;

L245N P:≤0.030;

Seven, L245 N mechanical properties:

L245: Mechanical properties: Yield strength: 245 MPa, tensile strength: 415 MPa, elongation: 21 min.

Eight, L245N steel plate welding process:

The chemical composition of L245N pipeline steel should be adapted to the welding performance requirements of automatic welding and repair welding processes in the manufacture of welded pipes, and the requirements of pipe girth butt welding should be taken into account.

In order to ensure the acid corrosion resistance of the finished product, the sulfur content should be controlled below 0.002% , and calcium treatment should be used to improve the morphology of the sulfide. Reduce carbon and manganese segregation, so that the hardness of the steel pipe is controlled at HRC less than or equal to 22.

Nine, L245N application: mainly used for gas, water, oil transportation in the natural gas industry.

10. L245N steel plate stock size:

L245N steel plate packaging, marking and quality certificate:
The packaging, marking and quality certificate of steel plate shall comply with the regulations.

Introduction of L245N steel ordering and cutting dimensions (thickness * width * length / unit mm )

L245N pipeline steel; 6*2000-2200*8000-10000

L245N pipeline steel; 8*2000-2200*8000-10000

L245N pipeline steel; 10*2000-2200*8000-10000

L245N pipeline steel; 12*2000-2500*8000-12000

L245N pipeline steel; 14*2000-2500*8000-12000

L245N pipeline steel; 16*2200-2400*8000-12000

L245N pipeline steel; 18*2000-2500*8000-12000

L245N pipeline steel; 20*2000-2200*8000-12000

L245N pipeline steel; 22*2000-2500*8000-10500

L245N pipeline steel; 24*2200-2500*8000-11000

L245N pipeline steel; 25*2000-2500*8000-12000

L245N pipeline steel; 26*2000-2500*8000-11500

L245N pipeline steel; 28*2200-2500*8000-12000

L245N pipeline steel; 30*2000-2400*8000-11500

L245N pipeline steel; 32*2000-2400*8000-12000

L245N pipeline steel; 34*2000-2500*8000-12000

L245N pipeline steel; 36*2000-2500*8000-12000

L245N pipeline steel; 38*2200-2500*8000-12000

L245N pipeline steel; 40*2000-2500*8000-12000



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